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The 10 Best Waffle Makers (2020)

Nothing in this world is quite like waking up to the smell and taste of a golden and crispy waffle (or 3), but only the best waffle makers for 2020 can give you that.

The best waffle maker for 2020 is the Hamilton Beach 26030 Flip Belgian Waffle Maker which is nonstick, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and has a spillover dip tray and adjustable browning controls.

Our pick for the best budget waffle maker is the Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker which is perfect for making thin and crunchy style waffles.

You can have all of the best ingredients, as well as the best waffle recipe, but unless you have the best waffle maker, your morning just wouldn’t be complete.

Unfortunately, finding the best waffle makers for 2020 isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to go through all of the waffle makers available on the market.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Why? Because we’ve already done the research for you. This way, finding the best waffle makers that money can buy is as easy as scrolling down below.

Below, you’ll find the right waffle maker that will help you churn out one perfect waffle after another.

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Hamilton Beach 26030 Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

- Easy to clean
- Spillover dip tray
- Nonstick grid​
- Dishwasher-safe​
- Adjustable browning control


Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

- Easy cleanup and storage​
- Heats and cooks quickly​
- Five browning settings to choose from​
- Perfect for making thin and crunchy waffles​
- Affordable​

The 10 Best Waffle Makers (2020)

One of the things that turn away a lot of people from investing in a waffle maker is how hard some is to clean. This is because most are hand-wash only. It also doesn’t help that you basically have to clean the entire waffle maker itself. But even though that’s true for most waffle makers, not all of them are so hard to clean.


Case in point, the Hamilton Beach 26030 Flip Belgian Waffle Maker.


The 26030 comes with something that most waffle makers don’t: removable plates. This is a game-changer. This is because you can put the nonstick grid inside the dishwasher and let the machine do the hard work for you. Plus, they’re about just as big as a regular dinner plate, so fit won’t be an issue.


As an added bonus, cleaning up the 26030 is even easier thanks to its spillover dip tray.


With a “browning control” setting so you can toast your waffles however you like, as well as the option to flip the machine so you can guarantee evenly-browned golden waffles every time, the 26030 is easily one of the best waffle makers out there.

  • Easy to clean
  • Spillover dip tray
  • Nonstick grid
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Adjustable browning control
  • Reported quality control concerns about some units being shipped with factory defects

Do you know those picture-perfect waffles that you often see in commercials and TV? We know you think that they’re all TV magic, but you can actually make them right from the comforts of your very home. You’ll just have to make an investment though, in particular, on something like the All-Clad 99010GT Belgian Waffle Maker.

This 4-square stainless steel Belgian waffle maker is a consistent performer. You can expect to see 4 crispy mouth-melting squares each and every time that you see it. The best part? You can choose whether or not to have lighter and/or darker waffles depending on the doneness setting.

Also, it’s foolproof too, since the removable moat tray means that you can clean off any excess without having to clean the entire thing.

Perhaps the only bad thing that we can say about this waffle maker is that it’s not exactly the best for individuals and those with tight spaces.

Because this waffle maker makes so many slices at a time, it can be quite bulky. It’s huge, to say the least. This makes it cumbersome if not impossible to store, depending on the amount of storage space that you have available. But if you’re a huge fan of waffles or you have an entire family to feed in the morning, nothing is arguably better.

  • Consistently makes square waffles
  • Removable drip tray for excess butter
  • 7 shade/browning selection dial settings
  • Perfect for toppings
  • Pricey
  • Bulky and heavy

If you’re looking for something that can make you four perfectly crisp and thick waffles that’s relatively easy to clean, leaves no mess, and won’t leave a hole in your wallet, then we’ve got just the thing for you.

The Krups Belgian Waffle Maker is an absolute bargain for what it can do. Not only can it fill you up with four golden waffles every time, but you can also choose just how golden and crisp you want your waffles to be.

Not to mention, the die-cast plate is nonstick and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Plus, the machine lets you know with a very polite beep whenever the waffles are ready for you to serve.

As for the machine itself, it’s made out of stainless steel. You can also wrap up the cord, and then hang the machine vertically for easy storage. This means that, despite being larger than most waffle makers, you won’t find yourself having trouble finding enough storage space for this waffle maker.

So long as you’re okay with waiting around five minutes per batch — this is nearly twice as long compared to other waffle makers — the Krups Belgian waffle maker is pretty much the perfect waffle maker for large households.

  • Removable non-stick dishwasher-safe plates are easy to clean
  • Can choose from up to five different temperature settings
  • Vertical storage
  • Affordable
  • Makes four perfect waffles every time
  • Quite heavy
  • Takes a longer time to make waffles compared to other models of waffle makers

Some people like their waffles thick. On the other hand, some like it thin. If you’re more of the latter, then you might want to take a look at what the Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker has to offer.

Perfect for fans of those American-style waffles, this classic waffle maker boasts a stainless-steel construction and comes equipped with five different settings for doneness. It also has a large four-quarter round nonstick cook plate that can make one large classic waffle.

It has a weighted lid and rubber feet that prevent the unit from moving around when in use or the lid from opening.

The nonstick part is particularly important. This is because despite its relatively affordable price, the nonstick plates do their job. You won’t need more than a damp cloth to clean the grooves and grids. After that, you can just turn the waffle maker on its side and store it until you’re going to use it again.

Lastly, this classic waffle maker is backed with a long three-year warranty that is a testament to its build quality.

  • Easy cleanup and storage
  • Heats and cooks quickly
  • Five browning settings to choose from
  • Perfect for making thin and crunchy waffles
  • Affordable
  • Can only make one waffle at a time

Measuring 12 x 12 x 3 inches, the Presto 03510 FlipSide Waffle Maker is more like a statement piece for your kitchen rather than a waffle maker. But make no mistake, this is indeed a waffle maker.

So long as you’re okay with its large footprint, this waffle maker compensates with high-quality Belgian waffles for an affordable price.

Think crisp, fluffy, and golden, and that’s the kind of waffles this waffle maker makes.

What makes this waffle maker even better is how little time it takes compared to other similarly-sized waffle makers. Taking no more than three minutes to cook your waffle makers, you won’t need to wait long to feed yourself and your family of voracious waffle makers.

It even comes with a countdown timer. This means that you can look at the timer in excitement as you count the seconds until you can start munching down on those waffles.

In addition to this, you can flip the waffle maker 180 degrees so that you can spread your waffles evenly that are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

You can also store the waffle maker vertically as well.

  • Easy storage and clean-up
  • Countdown timer with digital display
  • Flips 180 degrees
  • Extra-thick grid for thick and fluffy waffles
  • Cooks in three minutes
  • No way to adjust the heat or doneness
  • Heating element doesn’t automatically turn off

In this day and age, multipurpose kitchen appliances are necessary. This is because they are convenient to use by allowing you to save space by having two functions. Not to mention, compared to many years ago, the technology in multipurpose kitchen appliances have improved significantly. This means that you can expect multipurpose appliances to perform just as well as their single-purpose counterparts.

A good example of a good multipurpose kitchen appliance is the Black & Decker G48TD 3-in-1 Waffle Maker and Grill.

This kitchen appliance isn’t just a waffle maker. It’s also a griddle and a grill, as well as a waffle maker, all rolled in one. This means that all you have to do is to switch up the nonstick reversible cooking plates and voila, you can have two eight-inch-square waffles for breakfast and go make yourself a grilled sandwich so you can have something to eat by lunchtime.

As expected, the G48TD comes with multiple heat controls.

It also has grease run-off channels to make it easy to clean up excess oils.

Also, because it is quite huge, Black & Decker didn’t really focus on making this appliance easy to store.

Instead, they focused on giving it a chrome exterior with black synthetic handles that stay cool during after operation so that it looks great placed on top of the counter.

Black & Decker also backs the G48TD with a limited one-year warranty for added peace of mind.

  • Versatile
  • Makes large and fluffy waffles
  • Affordable
  • Nonstick reversible cooking plates
  • Construction quality leaves a lot to be desired
  • Cumbersome to clean

For individuals looking to save time and space, as well as a little bit of cash, the Bella Rotating Waffle Maker is one of the fastest waffle makers on our list.

Capable of making one round traditional waffle in just a little over 2 minutes, you’ll be going from batter to waffle faster than you’re normally used to.

Also, because it is a rotating waffle maker, you can flip the waffle maker over. This helps guarantee an even browning on the waffle after pouring in the batter mix.

Speaking of browning, this waffle maker comes with a surprising amount of doneness settings. Unlike others that only come with 5 or 6 browning settings, this one has as many as 9. This allows you to cook your waffle exactly just how you would want it. Plus, since you’ve got a lot of options to tinker with, you can experiment with different kinds of browning to see if others are just as good.

Equipped with a cool-touch handle, as well as a drip tray, and designed to fold easily inside any cabinet, the Bella Rotating Waffle Maker is perhaps the most fun waffle maker for families with little ones who love helping out with preparing breakfast.

  • Rotating function with cool-touch handles
  • Nine browning settings with a control knob
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Cooks in less than three minutes
  • Only makes thin traditional waffles

They say that big things come in small packages, and the Dash Mini Maker Waffle is probably the perfect example of it.

Self-proclaimed as the “Original Mini Maker”, this waffle maker makes neither the best nor the largest waffles. They’re great, mind you. But they’re far from the best. Then again, so is the asking price of this waffle price, which is far below than the average waffle maker. But that’s not all.

While this waffle maker doesn’t make the best nor largest waffle, it does preheat and bake quickly. This means that you can make multiple mini waffles in little to no time, which beats no waffles at all.

Again, in case we forgot to remind you, you’ll want to manage your expectations. This isn’t a top-of-the-line waffle maker. This is a waffle maker that just makes small waffles. That’s it.

You can buy this waffle maker in any one of the 7 colors, so feel free to mix and match.

If you’re only looking to make waffles for yourself, this is perhaps the best option on the market.

  • Compact and easy to store
  • Perfect for individuals
  • Preheats and bakes quickly
  • Not ideal for families

At this point, Breville has become a household name when it comes to kitchen appliances. They’ve continuously delivered when it comes to gadgets that you can rely on day-in and day-out.

The Breville BWM520XL No-Mess Round Waffle Maker is no exception.

Bearing true to its name, this waffle maker makes little to no mess when used. This is because of the literal moat that’s designed to surround the waffle grip to make sure that any excess batter gets caught before they even come close to the kitchen counter.

But just because you don’t have to clean doesn’t mean that you’ve got a great waffle maker already now, does it?

Fortunately, being easy to clean-up and basically mess-free isn’t the only thing that this waffle maker is good for.

In addition to its batter-catching moat, this waffle maker is made out of stainless steel for guaranteed durability.

It also has matching lights for operation, as well as a beeping alarm to let you know that your waffle is ready to be deserved.

Plus, for storage, the grids are latchable so you can just store the waffle maker vertically.

The only bad thing to say about this waffle maker is that it can only make traditional thin, crispy, and round waffles, which might not fit everyone’s tastes.

  • Batter-catching moat is amazing
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to store
  • Timer sound can be drowned out in a loud kitchen

The only waffle iron on our list, the NordicWare 15040 Waffle Iron is made out of cast aluminium. This all but guarantees that it will last your entire life, which you can’t really say the same for the other electric waffle makers on our list. But of course, this doesn’t come with its fair share of disadvantages.

Waffle irons aren’t easy to use, for example. The learning curve is steep, especially if you’re not used to it. Not to mention, they’re far less convenient and versatile. However, as already mentioned, they do last for a very long time and they’re not that expensive either.

Another added benefit of using a waffle iron over a waffle maker is that they’re easy to store. They’re basically just an extra pan for you to keep.

As for the 15040 itself, this waffle iron heats up consistently and evenly. This guarantees that your waffles will come out the same way pretty much every time, provided that you’re willing to keep an eye on them all throughout.

Plus, since you’ll be cooking the waffles on top of a stove, you won’t need to rely on brownness settings to achieve your desired doneness.

For those who want or prefer to cook waffles the more traditional manner, the NordicWare 15040 Waffle Iron is easy to recommend.

  • Consistent and even heat distribution
  • Storage is a synch
  • Can last a lifetime with proper care
  • Easy cleanup
  • Heavy
  • You’ll have to learn waffles manually


It’s both a good thing and a bad thing that waffle makers these days have improved so much. Bad because there’s so many to choose from, and good because competition keeps the manufacturers on their toes. But then again, it’s not like you’d have to worry about any of those anymore.

Thanks to our round-up above, you no longer will have to worry about shopping for waffle makers — all you need to do is pick 1 out of the 10 top rated waffle makers that suits you best and that’s it.

Now that you’ve got your waffle maker sorted out, you’re better off spending your time looking for some new recipes to try out.

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