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10 Best Drip Coffee Makers (2020)

If you like to start your day with coffee or you quickly grab one on your way to work, you surely understand how beneficial drip coffee makers can be. This type of coffee maker requires water and coffee beans. Then the machine does everything for you so making coffee every morning turns into the easiest task. If you’re looking for the best drip coffee makers for 2020, you are in the right place.

We know the process of choosing the best coffee maker is hard since there are so many features to consider. In the past, drip coffee makers were not able to brew great coffee. However, nowadays, these coffee machines can control water temperature, grind beans, filter water, and keep coffee hot for a while as your morning routine is finished.

That’s why we did all the work by looking at the very best, comparing them, and choosing those that would be appropriate for different coffee lovers. Look at all the pros and cons we highlighted and decide which drip coffee maker is perfect for you.

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Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central Coffeemaker

- Double water filter included
- Brew pause feature to enjoy a quick cup of coffee
- Head-adjustable warming plate
- 24-hour advance brew start to make the machine turn on when you want it to
- Dishwasher safe carafe for easy cleaning


Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

- You can either brew one cup or 12 cups at once
- Fully programmable so you can make up to a full carafe every morning
- The machine perfectly accommodates large cups, up to the standard travel mug
- Brew strength selector allows you to choose coffee strength
- Keep-hot warming plate

The 10 Best Drip Coffee Makers (2020)

With the Cuisinart DCC-1200, you get 12 cups of coffee. The drip coffee maker has a black and chrome retro design, takes full advantage of different premium features, and has the best brewing technology that Cuisinart can offer. Most importantly, the programmable machine can brew coffee at the time you set it (up to 24 hours in advance).

All coffee maker parts are BPA free and if you want a cup of coffee before the full cycle is finished, the Brew Pause feature allows you to take a cup and then let the machine finish the cycle. Its heater palate can be set to high, medium or low settings so that coffee remains at the temperature you desire and you can also use the coffee maker to make just 4 cups of coffee, not the full 12-cups carafe. The coffee maker includes a charcoal water filter and a gold tone filter.

  • Double water filter included
  • Brew pause feature to enjoy a quick cup of coffee
  • Head-adjustable warming plate
  • 24-hour advance brew start to make the machine turn on when you want it to
  • Dishwasher safe carafe for easy cleaning
  • You cannot see how much water is already in the coffee maker
  • The clock is small
  • A shipping fee has to be paid to fix the coffee maker, even if under warranty

This drip coffee maker is affordable and low-maintenance, allowing you to either brew a full 12-cup carafe or a single coffee, based on your personal wishes. When you are on the go and you need just one cup, you use the single-serve option so you add coffee grinds right into a mesh filter. You can also use a soft pod. If you need more coffee, you can use the other feature to get a full carafe.

The machine includes a programmable clock with a timer that you can use to make it brew your coffee whenever you need it. In order to get the exact strength you want, you can use the Brew Strength Selector. The Regular setting is best for most people but you can also choose Bold if you want something stronger.

The Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker is very convenient and affordable. Moreover, it is capable of doing more than similarly-priced drip coffee makers and also looks great on the kitchen counter.

  • You can either brew one cup or 12 cups at once
  • Fully programmable drip coffee maker so you can make up to a full carafe every morning
  • The machine perfectly accommodates large cups, up to the standard travel mug
  • Brew strength selector allows you to choose coffee strength
  • Keep-hot warming plate
  • Slower brewing than with other models
  • The water line that feeds hot water can clog up
  • Coffee is weaker than what some expect

The Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG Coffee Brewer includes a drip-stop brewing basket that automatically stops coffee from flowing when the carafe is removed. It takes around 6 minutes to make 40 ounces of coffee and the machine is equipped with a hot plate to keep coffee hot. It also has an independent, separate heating element that automatically rolls heat into the coffee so that temperature is always even. You can hold coffee at 175 or 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

This drip coffee maker looks great in all kitchens. You can choose out of various different color choices and, when you buy, you also get a warranty of 5 years, which is a lot more than what most of the competitors offer. Coffee experts appreciate the Technivorm Moccamaster because of its high durability and the fact that it is very easy to use – you just press one button and brewing starts.

  • Very attractive design
  • Automatic Shutoff – activates after 100 minutes of lack of operation
  • 5-Year warranty
  • Very easy to use with separate switches for the hot plate and power
  • Effective warm plate
  • Very quick brewing – it takes 4 to 6 minutes to brew a 10-cup carafe
  • The coffee maker is expensive
  • Various parts are not safe to wash in the dishwasher so you have to manually wash them
  • The carafe is light and thin so you have to handle it with care

The Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker has a size of 60 ounces and allows you to automatically brew quality drip coffee. You will surely appreciate the stainless steel design that is perfect for a modern kitchen. When it is time to brew, you have many settings you can control. This includes PID control so you can precisely adjust the temperature, pump control (3 flow rates are available), and more.

What is particularly interesting with this drip coffee maker is that you can customize different parameters like brew temperature, flow rate, and bloom time. This makes it easy to match perfect brewing conditions for the type of coffee you use like earthy, fruity or floral.

Take advantage of the Steep and Release valve that holds water and makes it stay in contact with coffee whenever you brew smaller cup volumes. This is automatically done. Also, you can use 6 brewing modes to get the type of coffee you want. The modes are Gold, Strong, Fast, Cold Brew, Iced and My Brew.

  • Very good Steep & Release valve
  • Water temperature and brew time are automatically adjusted when using Gold Cup Preset Mode
  • You can choose the coffee volume you brew
  • Very useful My Brew setting to set up your very own brewing parameters
  • Not all coffee grounds come into contact with the water
  • You need to be careful with the cleaning process because the water tank is not removable
  • If a problem appears, it is difficult to get in touch with customer support

The Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Brewer CE251 is a very good drip coffee maker that includes an advanced boiler so you have hotter coffee when the cycle is over. You can be sure that every single brew is flavorful and you do not have to worry about cleaning because the water reservoir is removable. Just take the reservoir out and clean it or use this feature to conveniently fill it before use.

With the drip coffee maker, you can make up to 12 cups of coffee in a go and the warming plate makes the coffee stay hot for 4 hours without burning. The warming plate is adjustable so you can adjust the temperature as you want. The auto-shutoff feature activates after two hours of the machine not being used.

In order to brew a full 12-cup carafe, you need to wait around 15 minutes. If the drip coffee maker takes more to brew a full carafe, a cleaning cycle is in order.

  • You can program brewing for up to 24 hours in advance
  • Choose out of different custom brew strengths
  • Coffee can be kept warm for up to 4 hours thanks to the warming plate
  • All plastic parts are BPA-free
  • Very good customer support
  • High-quality carafe
  • When the drip coffee maker is not properly cleaned, coffee grounds can get inside the pot
  • Water reservoir valve can easily be damaged if you keep running a completely full water reservoir

The Brew Express BEC-110BS instantly stands out because of its design. However, what is truly interesting about this coffee maker is the fact that you can keep using it for as long as you want. Zero wait time exists between cups because water is always heated.

This coffee maker was designed to last for a long time and every unit is tested for thousands of cycles to make sure that it is perfect for both residential and commercial use. While you cannot use it without a water line, after you make coffee with it, you quickly figure out why it is more expensive than similar machines on the market.

When you buy the coffee machine, you also get a thermal 10-cup carafe of 10 that is beautiful, functional, very easy to clean, and will keep your coffee hot. If you want to use another cup, the Brew Express BEC-110BS features settings for single mugs, full carafe or half carafe.

  • Very stylish
  • Very good thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for a long period of time
  • Reliable and will last for a long time
  • Can be used in a commercial setting
  • Expensive coffee maker
  • You will occasionally need to look at the instruction manual for some settings and for maintenance purposes

The Cuisinart DCC-1100BKP1 is a drip coffee maker with a classic design, accented with stainless steel. The coffee maker includes all the features Cuisinart users expect from their coffee makers. This includes Brew Pause, which allows you to stop the brewing process so you get a cup of coffee fast and then let the machine finish its cycle. You can also program the coffee maker to automatically start at your preferred time. When it is time to clean the machine, you can use the automatic self-cleaning feature.

With the Cuisinart DCC-1100BKP1, you can make a full carafe of 12 cups of flavorful coffee or you can choose the 4-cup setting for less. If you want a cup of coffee to go, it is possible to brew just one cup.

Besides the wonderful design of the machine, you will appreciate the dripless spout, knuckle guard, and ergonomic handle of the carafe when it is time to move it around and pour.

Cuisinart also sells a 10-cup version of this drip coffee maker.

  • Beautiful classic design with stainless steel accents
  • 24-hour programmability to brew when you want to
  • Brew Pause to get a really fast cup of coffee
  • Self-cleaning
  • Well-built and designed carafe
  • Large lid that can make it difficult to maneuver a full carafe
  • You have to pay $20 to get the coffee maker fixed if there is a problem

The Mr. Coffee brand is renowned among coffee maker manufacturers so you know you can expect very high quality from the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. This drip coffee maker offers a very good cup of coffee and is designed for those who need a smaller quantity of coffee every day. As opposed to the family-sized models that most homeowners prefer, this one was designed to offer 4-cups of coffee as soon as possible. If you need even less, you can use the Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause feature. Just take a cup and let the machine continue the brewing cycle.

When you need to clean the coffee maker, all you have to do is lift the filter basket and wash it off. Although it’s smaller, the coffee maker can be set ahead of time so you wake up to a carafe of freshly brewed coffee.

  • Very easy operations – the On-Off indicator lets you know if the machine is on
  • The removable filter basket makes cleaning and filling simple
  • Accurate filling is possible because of a dual water window included in the design
  • The user manual goes through most troubleshooting steps
  • Smaller than others
  • The lid of the carafe could be better
  • The machine does not automatically shut down after brewing – only the warming plate automatically shuts down after 1 hour

KitchenAid makes many different great coffee makers and the KCM1204OB is definitely one of them. It allows you to make 12 cups of coffee at a time. The 24-hour programming allows you to always have coffee ready whenever you want it.

What stands out with the KitchenAid KCM1204OB is how easy it is to operate it. The drip coffee maker includes only a few simple buttons that you can quickly use to set many different features. For instance, you can select brew strength – you can choose between bold and regular strengths so your coffee is as strong as it needs to be. Additionally, if you want to brew a smaller batch of coffee, there are 2- and 4-cup selection options.

When you want to grab a quick cup, just use the Pause and Pour option. This stops the cycle so you pour a cup and then let the coffee maker continue brewing.

  • Very simple operations – just press a few buttons and you get coffee as you like it
  • Pause and Pour makes it very easy to grab a cup when you need it fast
  • Variable Brew Strength Selector so you can choose the perfect strength for your morning cup of joe
  • Great design
  • The water reservoir is not removable
  • The carafe lid does not come off
  • The glass carafe does not have a thermal sleeve but you can buy one separately

The Black+Decker 5-Cup Coffeemaker instantly stands out because of the very compact design that is well-thought and precisely created. This drip coffee maker may be small but it is definitely affordable and worth the investment. The handy cord storage makes moving the machine around very easy.

Perfect for a smaller space like in a condo, office or apartment, the drip coffee maker is powerful enough to offer a great cup of coffee. The carafe plate remains hot when you want it to for up to 1 hour after brewing is over. You do not have to worry about how much water or coffee you use because there are level markings present for both.

The On/Off switch is lighted so you clearly see it even in low-light situations. All plastic components are BPA-free. You can remove the filter basket to easily clean the coffee maker in your dishwasher.

  • Reinforced Duralife carafe that is built to last
  • Very light – just 2.75 pounds
  • Very affordable coffee maker
  • Keep Hot plate included
  • Removable filter basket for easy cleaning
  • Fragile coffee maker as most of it is made out of plastic
  • Customer support is unresponsive at times


Every single one of the 10 drip coffee makers presented above is a great choice for 2020. All of them are reliable and will give you a very good cup of coffee. However, not all of them can be suitable for all coffee drinkers. Choose the model that is suited for your coffee preferences and budget. Make sure you consider all the pros, cons, and features. If you do, you will end up with the perfect drip coffee maker that you will use for a long time.

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