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10 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens for 2020

Pizza is a food that fascinates everyone, no matter what age or culture they belong to. And when you smell the freshly baked pizza that just got out from the oven, it’s a joy of behold. This is how excited I get at least.

But I know for a fact that pizzas are a work of craft and both professional chefs and home cooks dedicate their time and artistry to make a perfect pizza in the oven.

Wouldn’t it be even more fascinating to have a proper pizza oven in your backyard rather than a small one in the kitchen that sometimes fails to produce perfection? Sitting outside with friends, basking in the summer sun, with the outdoor oven giving off the pleasant aroma of a baking pizza is a great idea of a get together.

Outdoor pizza ovens have become more and more popular in recent times. These actually come in three categories according to the power source- wood-fired, gas-fired or electric.

Each of them has their own plus points but for an outdoor setup its wood-fired that is mostly preferred. However, it’s up to you entirely, we’ve done our role in bringing you 10 best outdoor pizza ovens for 2020.

You can also check out our choices for the 10 best wood fired pizza ovens too.

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- Produces professional-level pizzas and bakeries
- Excellent heat and smoke dispersion
- Electric start
- Compatible with gas burner



- Excellent cooking heat
- Compatible with many grills
- Average cooking time: less than 5 minutes

10 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens for 2020

This is our top pick outdoor pizza oven for residences. Although it looks a bit wonky, the oven comes in at an affordable price and delivers a solid performance.

It is an award-winning wood-fired oven that can produce restaurant-like pizza in as little as 60 seconds. Another benefit of Ooni 3 is its amazing portability; you can carry it to any spot in your backyard, front porch or even to a friend’s house and start baking pizza or pretty much anything you can think of.

The oven is lightweight and compact, easy to store and weighs approximately 27.9 pounds.

Plus, its chimney folds up and gets clipped for facilitation in movement.

The power source is provided by sustainable hardwood pellets which are extremely easy to use and clean. Wood pellets are energy-efficient, provide mess-free and simple handling due to their lightweight and are environment-friendly.

After adding any kind of wood pellets, the Ooni 3 has got a capacity to reach a temperature of 923 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 10 minutes.

  • Produces professional-level pizzas and bakeries
  • Excellent heat and smoke dispersion
  • Electric start
  • Compatible with gas burner
  • Thin covering/shell
  • Limited pizza size of 13”

Bertello is an authentic portable oven that gives you value for money. It is powered by gas, charcoal and wood pellets.

This oven is small and lightweight with an attractive design. However, it’s sturdy and stable build shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether you fire it up, attach to a gas burner or use pellets, it will hit a maximum temperature of 900 degrees Fahrenheit which is suitable to cook a perfect pizza with crispy crust.

The wood pellets that work as a fuel in many outdoor ovens can be of any hardwood; oak wood, cherry wood, applewood, etc.

The best part about Bertello is that you can take it virtually anywhere you like. The appliance measures 22*14*10.5 inches in dimension and weighs 29.2 pounds.

Provided along with the oven, there are additional accessories such as cordierite stone, a scoop, and a fuel tray for whatever the fuel of your choice is.

It takes a little longer to heat up but the average cooking time is approximately one minute or a few seconds more. With its amazing durability and powerful build, the price being charged is an affordable one.

  • Sturdy and highly-durable in body
  • Versatile heating option
  • Great design
  • Internal temperature is inconsistent
  • Needs multiple trials

Roccbox is one of its kind. It’s a top-notch oven rated #1 by world renowned publications such as The Times and Forbes.

This appliance can be operated on gas, wood, and stone for outdoor use.

The tripod stand makes it a stand-out among the others as its three retractable legs provide an oven a good height. It becomes highly convenient to use when putting in and taking pizzas out of the cooker. Also, it is suitable to use in places with uneven ground. The legs are made of stainless steel, another advantage.

The outer covering of the body is silicone insulated that reduces the chances of burns and scalds, with 86% heat retention. This makes it family friendly and safe to use for beginners.

Roccbox, unlike its name, is extremely lightweight with a load of only 44 pounds. It is largely spaced with 164 square inches.

The oven can reach temperatures over 932 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for perfectly-cooked pizzas in an average time of 60 seconds.

In the box you can find a Roccbox oven, gas burner, wood burner, pizza peel, thermometer and a recipe and manual book.

  • Includes two burners, wood and gas, for different foods
  • Exterior-installed thermometer
  • Tripod
  • Expensive

Ooni Koda is a small-sized but pretty amazing oven. The most beneficial thing about this appliance is its compactness and portability. It is easily usable outdoors with its compressed built. The equipment can be carried in any car trunk, SUV hatch or a truck bed without taking much space.

It’s the same size of a large toolbox with approximate 16*12*25 inches in dimension. The weight of the oven is 36 pounds. In short, if you need an outdoor pizza oven that can be taken on camping trips or tailgating, the Ooni Koda would be an ideal buy.

The brand also provides a carry-case to protect it from any damage. Also, the oven can be easily connected to a propane tank which will save you from buying additional burners.

However, Ooni Koda’s small size makes it lag behind in some features. The square shaped cooking surface measures 13 and a quarter inch across while the average pizza size is 16 inches instead. Ultimately, this produces smaller-than-usual pizzas as compared to the other ovens. But, the overall performance isn’t as bad if we overlook the size issue, it heats up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit within 15 minutes.

Its carbon steel construction and cordierite pizza stone are the perfect materials for making pizza.

  • Very easy to carry
  • Heats up fast
  • Arrives assembled
  • Makes very small pizzas

If you want an experience of a wood fired pizza, then this oven by Thor will deliver its promise.

It is conveniently portable having an overall dimension of 32.5*30*15 inches.

Constructed using 430 stainless steel, it is extremely reliable and super secure for outdoor use. The equipment looks attractive due to fine polishing that improves the overall design.

The oven has got four castors which makes movement smooth and easy. Even if you are planning a pizza party on a spot that is rough and uneven, the castors will minimize the effort of transport.

Other accessories included in the package are a pizza stone surface, wire broom, large pizza peel (spatula), pizza turner, and pizza cutter which is almost everything used in pizza-making.

This machine is large, stands at 30” to the top of the oven, and about 78” to the top of the chimney cap.

Being strictly wood fired; the oven comes with an ash grate that helps in ventilation and easy cleaning. Also the large pizza stone can accommodate up to 3 pizzas at once.

To monitor the temperature, use the provided gauge that has a range between 100 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Stainless steel
  • Large cooking space
  • Prone to rust (interior specially)
  • Exterior gets hot to touch

This equipment is easily convertible from the kettle grill you own into an outdoor pizza oven. Pizzacraft has got amazing products and this one is unique in itself. It utilizes the modern heating design that gives ultra-high temperatures for a smoky flavor.

Apart from pizza, there are a lot of varieties of meat you can roast including beef, fish, turkey, and chicken that will come out perfectly cooked without harming all the juiciness and nutrients.

Its exterior look is very modern and the glossy black color makes it more appealing. The unit looks dashing in an outdoor food party.

Pizzacraft PC7001 is capable of heating up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit which is higher compared to ovens of the same price range. With a compatible structure, it adjusts in majority of 18” to 22.5’ grill models. The average cooking time is between 3-5 minutes which ensures a delicious end result.

Pizzas and other savories can be thoroughly enjoyed in this oven with restaurant-like taste. The kit includes a pizza peel, a flex door, a charcoal fence, an integrated thermometer, a kettle converter, and a 15-inch circular cordierite pizza stone for pizza placement.

  • Excellent cooking heat
  • Compatible with many grills
  • Average cooking time: less than 5 minutes
  • Uneven heat distribution
  • Converter is prone to damage

This one looks just like an old-fashioned oven with a brick chimney giving it more authenticity.

Kraiovim outdoor oven has a striking design with a brick arch. The way it has been constructed, the oven looks perfect in certain settings such as the backyard, patio, or a large garden.

The oven’s chimney proves fruitful for eliminating smoke issues. It has been well-made for the smoke to pass through smoothly. And not just smoke, the chimney also acts as a moisture controller.

Apart from pizzas, the oven produces flawlessly cooked chicken, beef, turkey and even bread. All savories that are to be slow-roasted come out perfect too.

Regulating temperatures is also easier than usual which is why making pizzas in this oven is a piece of cake.

It can reach up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and the outside is only warm to the touch. The superior construction makes it a powerful, sturdy, and reliable unit to bake your choice of pizzas and breads.

  • Five-star rated from all over the world
  • Best quality construction material
  • Stylish finish
  • Easy and safe
  • Smoke-emitting chimney
  • A little pricey
  • Sometimes cracks

The Mont Alpi outdoor pizza oven cooks the best pizzas for you. It has a tabletop design that is small and compact making it suitable for limited space. You can carry it on your patio, or even to the camping site in your car trunk.

The modern look of the oven blends well with other outdoor arrangements such as chairs, tables, or a patio umbrella. The silver polished look of stainless steel looks ultra-chic in any outdoor setting.

As obvious by the name, its primary power source is gas that ignites extraordinary flame ideal for outdoor cooking purposes. The oven takes less time to heat up and cooks pizza within 5 minutes as it produces up to 12001 BTU. There is almost zero soot and smoke production.

Another advantage of this oven is that it gives similar results when being used indoors. You can easily roast a chicken, grill beef or turkey. Cleaning the appliance is equally easy as is its usage.

The provided pizza stone is one strong piece that retains heat quite well which results in amazing pizzas.

  • Modern, appealing design for table-top
  • Emits 12,000BTU flame
  • Versatile structure
  • Safety issue due to small opening

Except for its outdoor usage, this oven is similar to your conventional units. Camp Chef Outdoor Oven has also got two burner camping stoves.

Ideal to be taken to a camping site or even just placed in your backyard, this oven produces perfect looking and delicious food. It has been designed to be conveniently portable and versatile.

The heat production is a great stand out which lets you cook anything from a breakfast skillet to your favorite baked goods and obviously fresh aromatic pizzas.

The Camp Chef Outdoor Oven has two brass range burners that produce a 7,500 BTU flame each. The oven power reaches up to 3,000 BTU. Also, it is energy-efficient thanks to its amazing insulation system which allows you to cook and bake as much as you like without consuming a large amount of fuel. This insulation also ensures heat retention.

The oven has been constructed with stainless steel and is powered by 1lb propane can.

Although it seems difficult to carry, you’ve got handles to move it easily.

From pies to crusty pizzas, this oven will satisfy your cravings, giving you value for money. Plus it is easy to clean and maintain without fear of rusting.

  • Easy lighting of oven and burners
  • Sturdy and powerful built
  • Good height for camping
  • Takes up a lot of space

This pizza oven’s heating and cooking time is just as little as any of the above ovens- less than 5 minutes. There are 20 inch diameter barrel styled pellet grills. Also the chamber that encloses the pizza is perfectly designed to concentrate the heat from the pellet burner.

You can consume any kind of wood pellets as a fuel source for the fire. The ceramic pizza stone retains heat evenly giving you perfectly cooked pizza with a smoky flavor and delectable crust.

The Unfit Red Stag Outdoor Pizza Oven provides energy efficiency and cooks your pizza meal within 5 minutes after preheating (which is also less time consuming).

  • Heat energy efficient
  • Stainless steel
  • Very less cooking time
  • Heats up quickly


The best outdoor pizza oven is not that difficult to get. With prompt research, you can easily purchase your ideal outdoor oven.

Before you plan on buying your new equipment, read about some factors that have to be taken into account, such as the size of the oven especially when choosing a reliable design and at what place it has to be kept- a patio, backyard, or for traveling.

Also take into account the cooking time. The less preheating and cooking time (on average) it takes the more it is convenient.

Additional accessories are sometimes fruitful in making the whole experience easy and convenient too.

Choose wisely from the given list and you’ll be a happy pizza expert!

If you have any queries, then please comment down below and I’d be more than happy to help you with anything.

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