10 Best Wood Fired Pizza Ovens for 2020

Pizza is a food loved by the masses, especially wood fired pizza. You get to customize the toppings with unlimited variations and there are all sorts of nutrients present in your single pizza slice. It will be even healthier and tastier if you get to prepare and cook the pizza on your own.

Out of all the options, wood fired pizza ovens are worth your purchase. These ovens provide high temperatures, making it possible to cook a Neapolitan pizza in just a matter of a few minutes.

Since wood fired ovens rely on firewood as their fuel source, the smoke from the burning wood gives a unique smoky flavor to the cooked food which is usually impossible to attain in any other oven. And not only pizzas, any food being cooked has a distinct flavor to it.

Moreover, the quick cooking time enables the nutrients to remain intact which is another advantage of such ovens. So to make the selection task easier for you, here is a compilation of 10 best wood fired pizza ovens for 2020.

If you are looking for outdoor pizza ovens that are not specifically wood-fired, we have a list for that, and if you want a countertop pizza oven, here is a list for that too.

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Cuore Ovens New Model 1000 Plus Gourmet Wood-Fired Oven Kit

- Large chimney diameter
- Reaches maximum temperature of 900 degrees Fahrenheit
- Easy to assemble


Green Mountain Grill Wood Fired Pizza Oven

- Can convert grill into pizza oven
- Affordable
- Maximum temperature: 800 degrees Fahrenheit

10 Best Wood fired Pizza Ovens for 2020

Our first pick is a magnificent looking oven that has a super chic design for use in residential areas. This unit takes up a little more time to assemble as compared to other ovens.

You are not going to find an oven that equals the price and performance of Cuore Oven’s 1000 Plus Gourmet.

The kit has a sizeable chimney which is a great advantage to smoothly vent out all the unwanted smoke.

The mouth of the oven is spacious to place your pizzas easily and the cooking surface is smaller than the rest of the models but is sufficient enough to accommodate three standard sized pizzas simultaneously. The cooking tier has got four tiles that are square shaped and possess heat retention quality.

The dome of the oven comes in ten pieces, along with a capstone that has to be put on the top. To summarize, the kit includes a cooking space made with 4 pieces, one part for mouth, and 11 pieces to assemble the dome, a chimney plus fire damper, a thermometer, a steel door, steel belts, and a Rock-Wool bed.


With the black shiny look, this oven looks super cool in a backyard or open outdoor space. It has dimensions of 16.5 x 61.2 x 23.5 inches. The oven weighs around 61.7 pounds.

As with our first choice, Harbor Gardens’ Monterey Pizza Oven also possesses wheels for convenience in movement.

The machine has got three spaces installed to cook perfect pizzas. The first section is where the dough plus toppings have to be placed, the large middle place is for firewood to be burned for fuel and the third lower part is to collect all the ash that is going to result after a wood fire.

With that black finish, this oven model gives a stylish touch to the entire pizza making process. Also, the stainless steel used in building the appliance is enamel-coated.

This pizza oven also comes with an integrated thermometer which has a maximum temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pizzas are not the only foods that can be cooked inside this oven; you can enjoy smoked meat, steak or chicken and delicious breads.


A pizza oven that looks perfect by the pool or on your patio party table. The silver metallic look has proper finishing and looks very stylish.

Gyber’s Pyre-pro wood fired oven also serves as an outdoor grill. One of its remarkable features is that it is lightweight and conveniently portable. You can easily carry it with you to another spot or even on a trip.

Unlike most of the wood fired cookers, it is only 33 lbs in weight and the materials used for its construction does not add much to the overall mass.

The grill system is equally fascinating, you can cook almost anything, be it steaks, fish, burgers, lamb chops, vegetables and what not. The air intake system makes it easy to cook food in an efficient manner – top, bottom and inside cooks properly.

The high quality of food-grade, stainless steel used is safe to use for cooking. There’s an integrated thermometer to regulate the temperature. Since it uses hardwood fire pellets (and charcoal), the temperature goes up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect to bake crusty, smoke-flavored pizzas.

Also, the appliance is easy to clean and doesn’t produce much mess. This oven is going to be a great addition to your cooking appliances.


An amazing idea by GMG for pizza lovers to convert their pellet grills into a wood fired pizza oven. You can cook pizzas in approximately 2-5 minutes.

It is actually unbelievable since it is more of a grill but the results are actually parallel to a professional quality. However, you can only use GMG models – namely Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie and not just any grill. There’s a spacious pizza stone available in the kit.

Its dimensions measure 20 x 17 x 10.1 inches and it has a weight of 33.4 pounds. The best thing is its compact and gives incredible results. Not only pizzas but smoked savories and BBQ items also cook perfectly in this awesome oven.


This metallic oven is another great appliance with movable legs. It is also more pliable and multi-function comparatively, when other ovens we have discussed so far are taken into consideration.

You can enjoy other savories too that taste equally delicious. The amount of foods (namely meat, whole chicken, and vegetables) that can be cooked in it pays off for its price. This Tengchang oven can also function as a rotisserie.

The unit has overall dimensions of 62.4*19.6*12.2”. The user-friendly machine has got two main compartments that can be quickly accessed from the front side. The bottom part is for placing wood and the top one is the cooking space after placement of food.

There is a spacious door to each of the sections so steering around is not that difficult.

For the cooker to have longevity, it would be good to store it indoors. It can be easily relocated.

The kit includes a BBQ grill, an installation guide, castor covers, and steel nets.


Every pizza oven model from Ooni stands out and so does this one. It will look gorgeous in your backyard.

Not only its appearance, but even its functioning is also commendable.

The weight of this appliance is around 67.8 pounds. This is why it is extremely convenient to carry, as well as compact enough to fit a car trunk so you can carry it to a beach party or camping site.

Consumers have been said to cook 20 pizzas in an hour with each one being prepared within 90 seconds at maximum heat.

It heats up rapidly and can use both wood pellets, gas, and charcoal as fuel which gives the users some flexibility of the fuel source.

Whatever fuel you choose to fire up, the temperature reaches an excellent point of 932 degrees Fahrenheit and can be modified with the dual air flow control.

The body of the cooker is insulated well and there’s a stone baking floor, both of which ensures best heat retention.


This is the most authentic pizza oven which has a traditional look as well as function. The Brick Pizzaioli Wood Fire Oven has been handcrafted with elements like iron and zinc along with brick.

The brand name Authentic Pizza Ovens is a specialist in maintaining authenticity of outdoor ovens and this one is their masterpiece. The cooker has a broad opening and a lower dome, being the best features for pizza making.

The purpose of the bottom dome is to ensure that there is direct heat to the cooking surface. It has a door that opens down which is made of zinc as well. The great thing about this oven is that none of the doors contain lead, which means zero health hazards either in the food or the heat energy emitting from the oven.

This model is equipped with steel eyelets that are placed in corners to lift the oven. When you are done putting your oven into position, you can easily cut them off.

And the best part is yet to come; this handcrafted oven has three coats of insulation, each one containing a different material to prevent energy wastage- Rockwool, cement, mortar, and outer covering of brick.

The oven consumes approximately 3 kilograms of wood to produce fuel.

You can cook almost anything in this unique oven which is actually one of my favorites. Be it vegetables, chicken, turkey, meat, bread and of course pizzas.


This one is another model from Authentic Ovens.

Humongous in size, it is mainly used out doors.

Rustic Lisboa is constructed with several materials such as brick, cement, and steel which accounts for its strength.

This cooker can also function as a rotisserie.

The intensity of the fire is unparalleled, making it look like a fire pit. Also, the mouth of the oven is at a greater height which makes it comparatively more spacious. The door of the oven is square in shape which gives it an authentic look.

The oven’s grandiose look makes it obvious that you can cook almost everything in this beauty.

Belonging to Portugal, and crafted with hands, Rustic

Lisboa is a dream come true for pizza experts.

Like the models from the same brand, Rustic Lisboa has also been insulated thrice. Even though it’s burning hot from the inside, the exterior of the oven is cool to touch.

If the cracks appear which is quite common in brick ovens, a patch kit is provided by the brand for repair.

It can heat up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and can cook pizzas in around three minutes.


This one is another portable pizza oven having a facility of burning wood as fuel. Take it to a friend’s party or beach or a picnic spot; it will serve perfect pizzas with all the crustiness and smokiness you expect from wood fired ovens.

Wood pellet pizza oven is sturdy and solid in built despite being portable and easy to fit in tight places. This stainless steel pizza oven is much more economical and practical than its competitors which have hiked up prices and give almost similar results.

You can use wood pellets, chips, chunks, lump coal, charcoal or any option from among these to achieve a temperature of 900 degrees Fahrenheit. You can monitor it with the internal thermometer.

This oven is not only ideal for pizzas but other foods too. The smoky flavor is a treat.

The cooking/baking compartment in this oven is large enough to accommodate big-sized cast iron pans and skillets.

The oven kit also includes a pizza baking stone, cutter, pizza peel, sauce ladle and a cover that can be used as a carry bag.


This last unit on our list is not an actual oven rather an add-on accessory by the BBQ Hack brand. However, it doesn’t affect the quality, look or taste of your pizza if you’re using a Griddle Hack add-on piece from the same company.

It serves as the base that needs to be placed on top of your pellet grill. Your pizzas come out perfectly cooked just like an authentic wood fired pizza.

The appliance reaches a maximum temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The designing and engineering of the accessory ensures optimal air flow and equal heat distribution throughout that is not affected by wind. Only pizza stone is provided in the purchase.



To wrap it up, I would like to highlight some basic points that provide advantage to wood fired ovens over the other two types. These are eco-friendly because they are a low-carbon alternative to appliances using fossil fuels.

Another advantage is its long life-span and low maintenance. Purchasing a wood fired oven will always give you desirable results.

Like any other appliance, you have to pay extra attention to its price, size, heat retention/absorption, degree of portability, durability and resistance as well as how many pizzas it can help you serve in a single batch.

Moreover, the wood to be used, all the included accessories and the assembly of the pizza oven are some other points worth considering.

If you ask me, the ideal wood for burning in pizza ovens are those fragrant hardwoods especially apple-wood and mesquite but it is totally your call.

Before you plan on buying a wood fired pizza oven for your pizza party, go through this article and think about what suits your requirements.

If there are still some unanswered questions lingering in your mind, feel free to comment below and I will get back to you as fast as possible.

Happy pizza making folks!

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